Vacation Bible School

We need more volunteers! Dates are 6/24 (Monday) through 6/28 (Friday). Volunteer times are 8:30am through 2:20pm. If you are interested in volunteering (full/part-time), please contact VBS Director Jennifer Lee.

Shuttle Driving

This Ministry provides rides to and from Foggy Bottom Metro with Pick-up at 1:15pm and Drop-off at 4pm.

We can always use more volunteers! Contact Pastor Danny.

Sports Ministry

Our Sports Ministry is about Fellowship and Evangelism through Sports.  We believe that sharing the gospel while playing sports is great for the mind, body, and spirit.  We welcome people of all skill levels. Come hear the gospel and don’t miss out on the fun.  Come join us! 

Interested in volunteering or participating? Please contact Eric Kim.
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Summer Mission Trips

  • Pittsburgh [7/21 - 7/26]

  • Haiti [7/15 - 7/20] — Deadline was 5/19!

  • Nepal [November]

Interested? Please talk to Pastor Danny!

Targeted Donations

Here’s a list of specific items you can donate money for. It can be partial or multiple items. This is a church-wide multi-ministry donation list.