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Sunday Sermon - 09/30/2018

Title:  "The Lord’s Steadfast Love”
Passage:  Psalm 34:1-22
Speaker:  Pastor Huey Lee (Christ Central Presbyterian Church, VA)

Sunday Sermon - 07/29/2018

Title:  "The Declaration of Dependence"
Passage:  Psalm 23:1-6
Speaker:  Pastor Byung Ham (St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, GA)

Sunday Sermon - 05/20/2018

Title:  "Investing in the Kingdom of God" (Commissioning Sunday)
Passage:  Mark 1:14-15
Speaker:  Missionary James Park (OMF International)

2017 Summer Retreat Recording

Theme:  "Gospel in Focus" (Colossians 1:21-23)
Date:  August 9-11, 2017
Guest Speaker:  Pastor Andrew Kim (The Bridge Church, TX)
Location:  Frostburg State University, MD

Sunday Sermon - 05/14/2017

Title:  "Wow"
Passage:  Psalm 40:5
Speaker:  Pastor John Kim (Guest Speaker from Riverside Church/FEBC, South Korea)