ECHO Christ Children’s Ministry


ECHO Christ Ministry brings your family a Christ centered curriculum and focus. We believe developing and growing a relationship with Jesus is the most important purpose in a lifetime. This is why our ministry chooses to focus on the life and work of Jesus more than any other topic in the Bible.

ECHO Christ Ministry follows a simple acronym that will help the children remember our responsibilities as a follower of Christ. “E” stands for equipping. The pastors and the teachers are here to equip the children with the tools necessary to succeed in everyday life. “C” is for Children. We want to focus on the future leaders and the next generation of believers. “H” is for hearing. Firm believers must learn to hear and understand God’s word. Our foundation is built upon the promises of Jesus Christ, His word, death and resurrection. However, we are commanded not only to hear but Obey. "O" is for Obey. 

James 1:22 states that we must be doers of the word lest we deceive ourselves. 

Therefore, we must obey God’s word to have a successful Christian life. Our ministry philosophy is “Equipping Children to Hear and Obey” Christ.  Our Sunday Services begin at 11:15am in the Chapel followed immediately with Bible Study classes according to grade levels at 11:55am-1:00pm.  

We also offer AWANA on Wednesdays and children’s discipleship on Fridays. Also, in the summer we offer Vacation Bible School (VBS). These are additional programs that supplement the child’s spiritual growth.

We welcome you to come and experience ECHO Christ Children's Ministry.  May your family grow together to know Jesus in a more profound way.


Please contact Children's Pastor Esther Lim ( for questions.